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Welcome to Sleep Dictionary

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Dreams... we all dream about it.... well, we don't often dream about actually dreaming. That could end up with you stuck in an infinite trap of dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about...

Anyway.... when it comes to dreaming, we all dream of one day being able to unlock the secret and hidden meanings of our dreams.

And that day is today... unless you visited the site yesterday, in which case... it was yesterday, but welcome back all the same.

This website will unlock your hidden self through the world of your dreams. At the top of evey page you will find links to a dictionary of dream meanings:

Elsewhere on the site you will also discover what the position you sleep in means and a page detailing all the different changes that the body goes through during the many stages of sleep.

Sleep is not always restful and so for when things go wrong we have a section on dealing with nightmares.