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Just because it says 'Contact us' at the top, don't feel that you need to. Whatever your motivation might be in even attempting to contact us, the reason will not be improved in any way by us getting involved.

The thing is, we take our work very seriously and so spend most of the day asleep, but asleep in a very professional and scientific manner. Therefore, the chances of any of us being awake in order to read your email are very slim.

If you have had a weird dream then feel free to send it over to inyourdreams@sleepdictionary.com. We reserve the right to publish any part of your email for sheer entertainment value or purely by accident.

There are other avenues of communication that might be just as futile, but give you a false sense of optimism by their novety value, so feel free to click on either of the links below should the whim take you.

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