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Legal Statement

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By accessing, viewing, referencing, linking to, thinking about, producing finger paintings of, remembering, or ignoring this website, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions as set out below (and continuing on the reverse of this page) in a very snug and legally binding way, anywhere in the world, including, but not limited to, Kent and places where they have laws about hamsters.

The creators of this website will not be held responsible for anything, not even the word 'kippyswaffle' which we just made up and means 'a ladder of cheese.'

By viewing this webiste you agree to not be stupid in any way, including, but not limited to: being stupid, being completely stupid, being utterly stupid and being mind-numbingly stupid. 'Stupid' here refers to any and all stupidity as defined by the creators of this website and the creators of this website reserve the right to alter their definition of the word stupid at any point in time, and indeed outside of time, without any prior warning or notification being given and, even if notice is given through any ambiguous means, such as the vague raising of a sock, then the creators of this website will not be deemed to have given any notice in any form that should be deemed in any way responsible for anything at all.

Anybody who views this website and then does anything at all may find themselves in breech of breeches and subject to public scrutiny throughout the fishing industry of Norfolk.

No reliance should be made upon this website in order to fulfill any professional service, or any sloppy amateur one or any service of any description at all. No assumption should be made that any part of this website is true, sincere, reliable or honest.

No part of this website shall be deemed to present medical advice of any kind and no person, animal, plant, insect or mineral, living, dead or fictitious, should place any reliance upon any part of this website for health advice.

This website is not even presented as is, it is in fact presented as was, but nobody can see what this was as we have since changed it.