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When dreams go wrong

When dreams go wrong they can sour your entire day. Long after you have awoken and realised that the events didn't actually occur, the feelings of fear and inadequacy can take hold and linger on for considerable time.

And these are not necessarily isolated events. Many people find there is a clear pattern and can be tormented by regular nightmares that follow a common theme.

One solution to counter repetitive nightmares is to be interpret what conditions within your waking life are triggering the nightmares and dealing directly with the actual cause of the underlying stress.

Our dream dictionary can help in this.

This is not always as easy and straightforward as it might seem though, as it might not be possible to remove the real life concerns that are at the root of the problem.

There is also the additional problem that, even if the cause of the negative thoughts is dealt with, some people's brains get stuck in repeating the nightmare, as if it were a script.

Another option is a new experimental process called negative subconscious intervention. This involves interrupting the nightmare and rewriting the mind's 'script' with an alternative narrative.

The method involves the sleeper listening to instructions on a pair of headphones as they drift off to sleep. The voice on the recording is carefully tailored to induce the nightmare in a controlled method and then lead the sleeper into a different version of the dream in order to break the pattern of the nightmare.

We have teamed up with Saul Saloux, he's one of those incredible life-gurus who doesn't actually need any qualifications, but is still amazing... apparently. Together we have produced an MP3 file for each of the five most common nightmares.

Unfortunately, Saul hasn't sent them through to us yet, but assured us they would be done soon.

We did give him a call at his Californian beach-front condo, but he started giving us the whole 'Don't disturb me when I'm in the zone' routine. The last thing he said before hanging up was 'Guys, guys, you're sending me back to square one here.'

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