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Sleep Positions: the arm extender


About the arm extender

The meaning of extending an arm into the other half of teh bed is usually interpreted as reaching out a partner who may or may not actually be in the bed at the time.

However, this is an over-simplistic interpretation and, in reality, it depends on whether you are single or in a relationship, whether you want to be or do not want to be in a relationship, whether you sleep alone or with someone, whether or not someone is supposed to be next to you in the bed that night and whether or not there actually is someone in the bed next to you.

There are 32 possible combinations of these questions. Basically, if you are not in a relationship then this arm is searching for the loved one you wish was lying next to you.

If you are in a relationship then this position can either be seen as a romantic gesture or a sign of insecurity, as you are checking whether your partner is still there.

The last two questions are very crucial. If there is not supposed to be someone next you and your arm finds that there is someone there then you are either in the wrong hotel room or you need to ring the police immediately.