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Sleep Positions: the diagonal


About the diagonal

If a person finds that they sleep in the diagonal position during sleep then this indicates that they are the sort of person that cannot stay focused on a topic and are very likely to go off at a tangent.

That's very like my Uncle Bernard. He was telling me about his car once and how the garage had taken three attempts to properly align the windscreen wipers on his old Volvo estate, as they kept clacking together in the middle. Next thing you know, he's remembered about the windscreen wipers on his Ford Austin that got eaten by a giraffe at the safari park in Longleat. Apparently he had got most of the way through the monkey enclosure unscathed, only to spot a particularly mischevious orangutan hovering near the exit. So Uncle Bernard gives the cheeky looking fellow a wide berth and inadvertantly gets a little too close to the exteriour fence, placing his car in range of a looming giraffe in the adjoining section. I am not saying that this is isn't a gripping yarn, but the daft old fool has inflicted this all-too-familair anecdote upon any poor soul within earshot for the past two decades at least and it does start to grate on the nerves a bit after the 20th telling. And the other thing he goes on and on and on about is how the weather has never been the same since we went to the moon, I mean what exactly does he think happened? What? That the Apollo crew bumped the weather off its balance or that the clumpy footprints of Neil and Buzz tipped the moon off some carefully balanced symbiotic relationship with the clouds over the North Sea? Speaking of unbalanced, I'll tell you who's unbalanced, his wife! Uncle Bernard is bad enough, but he's an oasis of composure and sense in comparison to Auntie Blodwin. She doesn't actually believe that camels are real animals because she is convinced she saw them in the movie 'Star Wars.'