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The Stages of Sleep

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Many people naively assume that sleep is a simple two stage process. That someone is either awake or asleep, but this is not the case.

The act of sleep involves a range of subtle stages that a person will pass through and their body and mind will go through extraordinary mental and physical changes during the whole process.

Here we present a detailed scientific analysis of each stage in the complex process we call 'sleep' and show where exactly within this mysterious realm dreams occur.

Stage 01: being awake
This is what happens before you are asleep. Basically this period can vary but is mainly categorised by the body going through a process of not being asleep.

Stage 02: Feeling tired
This is the body's way of telling you that you are tired. The prime sign that you have entered this phase is yawning or the thought "Ooh, I'm tired."

changes in voice: you may notice a change in the subject's voice. Unlike previous stages where they may have said things like "Pass me the jalopenos" or "That guy at the bus stop looks like that weatherman" during the 'being tired' phase the subject is more likely to say things like "I feel really tired" or "that's me done for the day, I am off to bed."

Stage 03: Nodding off
This is the point where you actually fall asleep. (Scientific jargon demystified: The term 'nodding off' comes from the fact that your head often nods as you fall off asleep.)

Stage 04: Being asleep
At this stage you are actually asleep. It is the 'being asleep' stage within the various stages where dreaming happens.